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PowerFest Motorsports

Next Race: Saturday October 2, 2021 @11am to 3pm
United Karting Center
 7206 Ridge Rd. Hanover, MD 21276

Do it on the track, not on the streets.

PowerFest Motorsports empowers and encourages Baltimore youth who demonstrate passion and talent for dirt bike culture.  Our program provides a safe and appropriate context for our young clients to explore the motorsports industry.    


"Amazing talent should not be criminalized"

    - Louis Thomas, (former racer) 

Founder, & CEO of PowerFest Motorsports

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About PowerFest Motorsports


Baltimore is filled with talented people. We are known as a city that creates outlets for the eclectic talents of its citizens. While illegal dirt bike riding through the streets of Baltimore has been going on for years, it has been challenging coming up with solutions to this problem. There are some who enjoy the thrill of riding through city streets dodging cars, people and even the law.  However, based on my research, most just want a place to legally ride, race and showcase their talent. 

We at PowerFest Motorsports have a solution to reduce the number of illegal riders on the streets of our city. Living in an urban setting, most of Baltimore's young people don't have the resources, opportunities or knowledge of how to start a motorsport career.  As an ex street racer, I completely stopped riding on the streets after I was introduced to organized motorsports and had a successful amateur racing career.  

According to a recent study from IndustryARC, the global market value of motorsports will be $6.5 billion by 2022. The revenues are accrued from different channels like sponsorship, advertising, ticketing, merchandising, hosting fees and broadcasting. Power Motor Sports will open the doors and create opportunities for our young people to be a part of this booming industry.

PowerFest Motorsports provides an atmosphere that teaches vehicle and personal safety, principles of respect and self-respect, professional racing techniques and mechanical maintenance skills.   We create this environment by investing time and knowledge in our clients, building relationships, guiding their competitiveness through etiquette, and delivering a unique experience.

One more person from Baltimore added to the motorsports industry, could be one less person on the streets. They will also be a productive citizen, adding to Baltimore's economy. This could ultimately save lives, in more ways than one.

Louis Thomas, Founder of PowerFest Motorsports

From the streets of Baltimore to Daytona Speedway (2003 Article)


Mini Moto GP Racing

Put street tires on your dirt bike and tear up the asphalt track!

Our Baltimore boys and girls are naturals on asphalt, it's what they know best!

Start as young as 6 years old.

PowerFest Motorsports 2021 Program



Course Curriculum, ages 6 to 14

  • Self respect, Communication, Rules & Regulations - Safety 

  • Mechanical skills, Pit crew instructions  

  • Racing skills, Track practice 

  • Awards and Certificates 


We are developing a stunt program for pedal bikes




If you are interested in our program or would like to help, please email: 

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